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02Match(1)The Internet has not only made it convenient for millions of web surfers to shop, or look for their dream jobs or watch the latest movies, it has also helped thousands find their perfect partner online. There are plenty of helpful dating websites today where you can hope to find the partner of your choice. Amongst these popular names is which is perhaps the most highly recommended dating website. It caters to an extremely large clientele that goes to show the popularity it enjoys amongst users. A prime reason behind the popularity of this site is its user-friendly interface and smooth navigation and browsing options.


Launched way back in 1995, has successfully attracted millions of users and today it serves clients in as many as 24 nations. It also hosts websites in fifteen languages to help people belonging to different social backgrounds and culture, bond easily. The website is so confident that its members will find true love here that it even offers them a money back guarantee. They waive membership charges for clients who have not been able to find their preferred partners within 6 months.

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How does work?

The new user can sign up on this dating website for free. The paid members however have complete access to all features. Nevertheless, free members can easily create their own profile and post photos or even send “winks”. The website even assists members unable to create an impressive profile through a Match ProfilePro feature; this feature allows the members to avail of free counseling and advice from dating experts. When you are a paid user on, you can view photos and contact details of other members and even send across unlimited emails. You will be given a dedicated email address that allows you to carry on communications with fellow members discreetly.

What features make popular amongst Internet users?

Accessibility: has multiple interesting features to 01Match(1)make the site more accessible to viewers. With MatchMobile, it is possible to enjoy the dating experience anywhere when you have Internet connectivity. Using the smartphone, you can easily browse the website. The mobile app includes nearly all features provided in the main website. The site lets you update your profile anytime, search for potential matches and send emails to those who catch your eye. The mobile service is designed to send important alerts through text messages and emails whenever you receive new winks and messages. The application is available across multiple platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre, Android and Windows smartphones. These smartphones typically offer the additional advantage of letting the user make use of location-based features to track other singles present in that geographical location.

Privacy Features: The premium members are free to use the MatchPhone Service that works like an anonymous alternative to regular phone calls. With MatchPhone, you can text or call on your own cell phone anonymously. The site generates a unique phone number forwarded to your cell phone and this is what appears on the other members’ caller ID when you place a call or send a text message.

Costs: Charges on are quite affordable when you compare it with other dating websites today. Members will have to pay up approximately $30 a month and some extra fees in order to avail of some additional features.

03Match(1)Additional Features: These include features such as MindFindBind with Dr.Phil that helps people in need of guidance when they are new to the world of online dating. This exclusive program prepares members to find their dates and teaches them how to bind with them in time. The MatchWords feature is quite like the keywords that we use in search engines. Here, the user lists some specific words which others can use to search for them. There is a Platinum feature which offers a customized professional matchmaker for users who do not have enough time to browse through portraits of fellow members. The payments have to be on the Internet and all payment modes are completely secure.

Bonus Services: Some interesting services offered by include The Stir, two-player games, iPad app etc. The Stir for instance, introduces online dating into the real world through events that are hosted by the site for local members. has rolled out events like cooking classes, happy hours, wine tastings and dance lessons to improve the online dating experience.

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Advanced Search Filters: These allow elaborate sorting of 04Matchcandidates based on the lifestyle features like occupation or hobbies and even certain special physical appearance like eye or hair color and specific keywords. These advanced filters for searching dates can help you identify the most relevant profiles. The email filters help to reduce spam emails and displays only those profiles that will interest you. Profile pictures posted on the dating website can be commented upon and “liked”. You can make use of the “Like at First Sight” quiz on the site to get results that will allow the website to know more about your preferences. This feature is continuously updated and the elaborate picture-game personality exercise helps to define your features and interests more.

The above advantages have made rather popular amongst people keen to find true love on the Internet. It has successfully helped many people find compatible partners because the website is both user-friendly and easily navigable. It lets you stay in complete control over your love life. You can search for qualities in fellow members that interest you most and starting the whole dating process is quick and hassle-free. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can start interacting with the person of your choice.

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Final words lets you widen your horizons and build new relationships. It is ideal for people who are eager to make new friends and expand their social network. It will send you links of people with matching criteria and you are free to edit your preferences and profile at any point of time. The greatest advantage is that the site even lets you claim a waiver for your membership charges for 6 months in case you are unable to find a partner of your choice during the first 6 months of joining

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